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Compression and Expansion

Compression and Expansion

Turbocompressors from Siemens – a unique portfolio for all industries

Your partner in compression technology

The global demand for fuels and hydrocarbon products, scarce resources, and environmental awareness require products, solutions and services for more efficient plant operation and highest availability. Compressor trains are the heart of almost any process operation. To produce, transport and process oil and gas or run an industrial application, highest reliability and excellent lifecycles are also key drivers.

The Siemens compressor portfolio offers efficiency, availability and reliability on a long-term basis. Our compressor solutions are both standardized and tailor made to meet customers’ needs in any industry, such as onshore upstream production, pipelines, air separation, metallurgy, chemicals and petrochemicals, sulfur or waste water treatment.

Serving the Russian market

The Russian gas transportation system is one of the best-developed in the world. It considerably outperforms conventional gas transportation systems elsewhere both in terms of gas streams and power supply capacity. The system comprises more than 160,000 kilometers of mainstream pipelines and lead-away pipes, 215 line compressor stations with the total capacity of 42,000 megawatts, six complexes for gas and gas-condensate refining and 25 underground storage facilities. Top-quality gas transportation requires world class-equipment. To meet the needs of the Russian gas transport market, Siemens has established a Joint Venture in Perm for pipeline compressor manufacturing and packaging. RusTurboMash LLC provides high-end pipeline compressors and gas turbine packaging optimized for local needs.

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