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Innovative Technologies for Fossil Power Generation

We are your partner in fossil power generation

Fossil power plants will continue to contribute significantly to a needs-oriented power supply. They form the basis of a working energy mix, which is indispensable for meeting the major challenges of today and tomorrow. Global urbanization, scarce resources, and climate change need products, solutions and services for more efficient fossil power generation.

Reliable, efficient, and clean fossil power systems

Siemens Fossil Power Generation offers innovative technologies that will be vital in meeting these challenges: Making energy affordable for the global society, and at the same time profitable for operators. By using innovative fossil power systems, scarce resources can be exploited with maximum efficiency. This makes fossil energy accessible wherever needed, whenever needed and fossil power generation as environmentally friendly as possible.

With our in-depth expertise and our state-of-the-art fossil power systems, we help our customers worldwide to successfully operate fossil power plants and to meet their specific economic and ecological challenges in their market environment.

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SGT-8000H series Gas Turbines


Siemens expands its product portfolio with the new, innovative 425 MW gas turbine SGT5-8000H for fossil power generation. It features advanced H-class efficiency, high reliability and availability in addition with low life-cycle costs. As the primary driver of the single-shaft SCC5-8000H 1S combined cycle power plant, which has an output of over 630 MW and an efficiency level of 61 % it is the right choice for increasing the efficiency of fossil power plants.

Further information on the SGT-8000H series Gas Turbine

Siemens Clean Energy Center – puts a smile on researchers’ face

Siemens Gas Turbine Testing Facility – 360° Tour

Innovation burns brightly in Siemens Clean Energy Center nearby Berlin. Here, Siemens experts scrutinize every aspect of the combustion process in gas turbines from 4 to 425 MW. Prototype components pass through a series of tests designed to meet the precise needs of the customer. All with the main goal in mind to make gas turbines leaner, greener, and more flexible - while keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation in the gas turbine market.

Go on a virtual tour and learn more exciting facts about Clean Energy Center and discover how the gas turbine components show off.

FAst CYcling Technology (FACY)

Siemens FACY-Technology

FAst CYcling Technology (FACY) is based on the idea of focusing plant design on an increased number of fast starts. It originates from market conditions regarding fossil power generation and from specific projects incorporating fossil power systems. In combined cycle power plants equipped with Siemens FACY solution package, about 40% of the rated output is available after only 15 minutes. Shorter start-up times reduce the amount of fuel consumed during the start-up of fossil power plants. The FACY package has the added advantage of shortening the inefficient start-up sequence and thus improving the start-up efficiency. Operators of fossil power plants benefit directly from significant savings in fuel and reduced CO2 emission costs.

Further information on the FACY-Technology (.pdf)

SPPA-T3000 Control System

SPPA-T300 Control System

Siemens‘ SPPA-T3000 Control System is one of the world‘s most powerful and future-safe control systems. It is a perfect fit for all types and sizes of power plants. Based on the unique Siemens Power Platform the fourth-generation control system boosts profitability, reliability and ease of use – within a single plant or even an entire fleet. The field proven control system is currently used to operate more than 1.700 units in over 780 power plants all over the world – making Siemens the global market leader in instrumentation & controls.
Further information on the SPPA-T3000 Control System

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